“I hired Clint at Revive Construction to help me renovate my kitchen.
Since then I’ve torn down and rebuilt my garage into a shop, added an
undercover area and a work shed. Clint has been there every step of
the way. I’ve always received fast and accurate quotes from Revive,
tailored to my specific job, timeline and budget. I will always
contact Revive Construction for all my future projects. I highly
suggest Revive to my friends looking for a knowledgeable craftsman.”

___Nate, North Portland, Kenton

“We had Revive Construction, LLC replace a set of stairs in our old home.
They were steep and uneven and dangerous.  Clint was able to meet with
me the day after our first phone conversation, give me an estimate the
same day and was ready to begin the job in just a few days.  The work he
did was exactly what we talked about, exactly what I wanted and exactly
the price of his estimate.  I am very happy with his work and would hire
him again and recommend his work.  ”
___Teresa, North Portland, St Johns

“Clint took our kitchen remodel from concept to completion. Everyone he brought on to complete work – engineer, electrician, plumber, flooring installer – was superb. He’s extremely responsive and really knows his stuff. His marvelous attention to detail and good taste gave us a beautiful kitchen that’s the envy of everyone who sees it.”

___Amy, NE Portland, Alberta

“Clint brings a high level of focus and creative professional dynamic to all of his projects. It is always exciting to work with craftsmen who have the ability to ‘see’ the whole picture, assess the options accurately and be able to deliver results with a high level of detail. To do this process so consistently and dependably is what separates Clint from the competition.”

___Dan Rice, Wood Window Finishing, Inc

“Clint (and Revive Construction) does amazing work. We hired him for a very large home remodel in the summer of 2007. He’s quick, he’s honest, he does very solid work, and I would recommend him for any craftsmen remodel both large and small.”

___Michael and Bari, NE Portland, Alberta

“Revive did a complete bathroom remodel for us, and I can’t say enough good things about him, his crew and the work they did. He kept suggesting improvements that made a big impact without affecting the budget, and self-corrected work that had not been completed to his high standards. The information flow was flawless, everything happened as promised and on schedule. When I at a fairly late point in the process asked for an addition and what its cost impact would be, his answer was “No charge for doing things right”. He’s a dream contractor, and I’d be happy to serve as a reference any time.”

___Philip, SE Portland, Ladd’s Addition

“Clint is an honest, hard working, and respectful business professional that will always put the needs of the customer above anything. He will do his best to complete whatever asked in a timely manner and will always speak with you honestly and up front, never skirting any subject. His hardworking approach to every project makes you appreciate the levels dedication and integrity that can be achieved and will leave you bothered that you do not find this with other companies.

“I hired Revive Construction a few years ago to complete a total kitchen overhaul and the results were far above and beyond what I had originally anticipated. His ability to blend the functionality that I was looking for as a Chef of 15 years, while maintaining period consistency with the original feel of the home. There are not many business cards in my wallet but one that is always present is Revive Construction, if any mention of a project comes up with friends he is at the top of my list on recommendations.”

___Jason and Winnie, N Portland, Kenton

“I hired Clint Howes to do some construction work on my home in Portland based on a recommendation from a friend who was familiar with his work, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. Clint is professional, efficient, personable and very concerned with quality. I even received a revive t-shirt at the end of the job. I highly recommend Clint and revive construction.”

___John and Lisa, SE Portland, Multnomah Village