Revive Construction LLC is committed to the highest caliber of work for our customers.  To perform at that level, we embrace old techniques and new technologies only when they offer a clear advantage.  We offer remodeling and construction services under categories we coyly call repair, remodel and revive.  Whether your project is a simple repair, or a remodel planned for period-specific styling, small or large, residential or commercial, we are prepared to meet your needs.

We try to permeate all of our effort with one overriding principle, stewardship.  Stewardship means the careful and responsible management of anything entrusted to our care.  Our customers offer their homes and businesses and trust us to represent their needs and desires at every stage of construction.  Good stewardship means effective use of materials and resources.  For simple tasks, like sorting recycling and wood debris from our waste, these decisions are easy and automatic.  For more complex products, like kitchen counters or appliances, we’ll work with our customers to explain the origins and production methods of the various products and let them decide.

Stewardship goes beyond our current customers, extending into the future use of the spaces we work in.  For example, our kitchens are meant to last generations.  To meet these criteria requires a wholesale approach from start to finish.  First, our design process focuses on making our work complimentary to those who’ve gone before us, blending the new and old in a way that not only makes sense, but creates a sum more than the parts.  In this way, we care for the house and for the home.  Next, we save what we can and leave existing features and materials whenever possible.  What we cannot reuse gets donated for reuse by others.  Most importantly, we build with the highest quality materials possible, and build to last.  We build beyond code requirements, insulate as much as possible, install windows and doors from great manufacturers, and we do the same for our own home to live by example.

Stewardship also means caring for you and your home during the construction process and into the future.  It is not just a clean jobsite, but a healthy home that we strive for.  Where possible, we’ll encourage choices that reduce chemicals in the home, improve air quality, and reduce heating and cooling costs.  We’ll test for lead and asbestos, and remove them correctly as needed.  We’ll explain the maintenance needs of any product we install, and qualify you for manufacturer warranties when available.  We work during reasonable hours and try to be kind to the neighbors, who are always unwitting participants in any project.

The greatest compliment we can ever receive is to know that our work improves the lives of our customers, through a more comfortable home, a more pleasing space to raise their kids in, or simply through making a repair invisible.  Good work should not be mystical or unattainable, it should be accessible to all.